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My husband and I opened a very interesting wine last night, a 2007 Domaine des Huards Cour-Cheverny.  We purchased this bottle at a Loire Valley wine tasting at Tim’s Wine Market in Orlando a couple of years ago.

I thought that this would be a fun wine to feature on my blog because it is made of the very rare Romorantin grape.  This white grape has grown in the Loire Valley since the 16th century.  It makes wine that is crisp and minerally, with good acidity.  DNA profiling has determined it to be the offspring of the varietals Pinot Meunier and Gouais Blanc.

The Cour-Cheverny appellation is situated within the larger Cheverny appellation, which is the most important zone in the middle Loire.  It was promoted to full Appellation Controlee status in 1993.  The wines made from Romorantin make up it’s own appellation (Cour-Cheverny) which is only about 48 hectare.

The 2007 Domaine des Huards Cour-Cheverny is deep golden in color.  On the nose we smelled pear, mango, citrus (including lemon and a hint of orange) and some almond.  The palate provided great acidity and minerality, along with the pear, lemon, green apple and a touch of mushroom.

The odds of you having a bottle of this in your cellar are slim, but if you do, drink it up!  It’s not going to last much longer.



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